WordPress on the Amazon Cloud (AWS)

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If you’ve been considering moving your WordPress installation to the cloud, now may be the perfect opportunity. Amazon recently announced a “micro-instance” EC2 option which is a perfect solution for a small wordpress installation. Purchase a 3-year reserved instance and your total hosting could cost less than $10/mo. As a new customer on the Amazon Cloud you may even qualify for one free year of an EC2 micro instance.

Of course you’ll need to have a bit of a technical backgroud if you plan to install WordPress on your own using the famous WordPress 5 minute install but you’ll need to know how to SSH using private keys as well as some basic MySQL commands.   Alternately, choose a WordPress AMI to create your WordPress installation and get you up quickly.

Tired of moving your WordPress install each time you need more processing power or space? Not a problem on the cloud. If you choose a good WordPress Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) provider then you can easily upgrade your AWS instance from a micro to small, medium or large by adjusting with the touch of your mouse.